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Communicate With KlasikSMS APIs In Your App

Integrate KlasikSMS service in your app and start to send SMS with more simple.

Integrate KlasikSMS API In Your App!

API KlasikSMS is a platform for you to build your own message app by using our infrastructure. It can let you send SMS straight away from your app. You just need to add few lines of code to function SMS and can send SMS alert automatic, notification, marketting message and many more to your customer.
Read our API document and understand how to integrate to your system.

Steps to send SMS with API


SMS API Request



Parameters Explanation
[EMAIL] Email address
[RECIPIENT] Mobile number of recipient.
- Mobile number with country code.
- One request for every recipient.
- For sending multiple recipients, the separator should be a semicolon (;) and there should not be a space.
[MESSAGE] Message content.
- One single SMS equal to 160 characters and 70 characters for Unicode.
- Short Code SMS for Malaysia mobile number will reserve 4 characters for "RM0 " in front of every SMS, 156 characters for alphanumeric content and 66 characters for Unicode.
- Maximum 10 series SMS.

According to SKMM, you must insert price info in front of every SMS. You can use "Free msg/RM0 /Msj ini percuma/ Msj percuma" in front of each SMS. For more information, please refer to Terms & Condition.
[CUSTOMREFENCEID] An unique reference id from your system to avoid duplicate request.


API response



Parameters Explanation
[STATUSMSG] Show the process of sending SMS. View all status code.
[REFERENCEID] Status explanation.
[PART] Reference number for future inquiry.

Status Code:

Parameters Explanation
X7011 Your account is under the verifying progress. Kindly contact us for more information.
X7012 The query string is empty.
X7013 Please enter your Email address.
X7014 Please enter your key.
X7015 Invalid Email/Key.
X7016 Please activate your account.
X7017 Account has been suspended.
X7018 Invalid recipient(s).
X7019 Please enter your message.
X7020 Maximum 10 SMS per recipient(s).
X7021 SMS accepted.
X7022 Insufficient balance.
X7023 Please enter at least 1 recipient.
X7024 Duplicate reference ID found.

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