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Black Friday is one of the busiest sales events of the year. It’s an opportunity to make up for lost revenue and to grow your customer base. What you need are Black Friday SMS campaigns. Here are few sms marketing tips for your Black Friday Sales:-

1. Experiment with Delivery Times.

The time of day that you send Black Friday SMS messages influence customers’ decision-making process. If you send promotional messages too close to Black Friday, there’s a chance customers have already decided on which products they will buy and might ignore your offers. You don’t want your message to be ignored nor considered an annoyance, so plan it carefully.

2. Send Customized Messages.

Keep in mind that 50.4% of Black Friday shoppers are women and 53% of shoppers are millennials. To improve your sales, cater your messages to the preferences of this audience. Make your client feel special and wanted. Take actions like including their name so they don’t feel like it’s just a random campaign or a spam message.

3. Segment Your Audience.

Segment! Do you have products for women and men? Do not send the same message to both genders, prepare separate campaigns for each. Remember, you must give your recipient something that they cannot resist. Other options are to segment by age and region.

4. Send Special Offers.

Also, consider sharing special offers with loyal customers. Offer an additional percentage off if they enter a code before a deadline. This gets them to act quickly and increases your sales.

5. Create a Sense of Urgency.

One of the reasons SMS marketing is so successful is its open rate. Include a deadline for when customers have to use an offer code. Explain that there’s limited availability of products.

6. Include Offer Details.

Customers like to research before they make a purchase but don’t have them work too hard to find information. When you introduce your Black Friday deals, include details like whether the sale applies online or in-store, whether there’s a minimum purchase, what products are excluded, and how the sales promo works.

7. Send a Promo Code.

Reward your loyal customers and subscribers with a special CODE they can only get via text. Afterwards, you can track how many customers used the code.

8. Send URLs.

Text messages with links are a great way to drive engagement. Consider using a dedicated URL so that you can see exactly how many people responded to your text ad.

9. Keep the Message Short and Sweet.

You’ve got 160 characters to entice your user and pull them in, so create a message that hits them hard. Whatever it is that you are going to communicate, it needs to be clear and specific.

Take full advantage of the spending season and spread your Black Friday promotions. Keeping your customers informed using SMS is a highly effective way to increase your Black Friday sales!

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