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How SMS Marketing Can Facilitate Sales in the Fashion Industry?

The fashion industry is an ever-changing industry because of a few external factors like seasonal change, industry influencer and obviously, the other business bodies. Thus, marketing for the fashion industry can be troublesome, but SMS marketing can boost sales and one of the fastest way to reach customers.

Here are some ideas how fashion industry can utilize SMS marketing:

Get Your Own Database - Finding potential customers is easiest in the fashion industry as customers do sign up and register for loyalty or discount programs leaving their personal data with you.

Improved Ordering Experience - Send confirmation messages and delivery updates when the purchase is made, helping them overcome and solving their related concerns.

Personalized Messages - Segmenting and targeting audiences allows marketers to send personalized messages to customers accordingly.

Secured Payment Gateways - Verify the customer and secure your payment procedure via two-factor authentication that offers security and peace of mind to the customer.

Customer Retention - Coupons, vouchers, offers, loyalty schemes and tailored promotions via SMS are all ideal ways to retain your customers. SMS campaign allows you to spread information about new lines or just-arrived collections to customers. It shows that you haven’t forgotten about them after they made their first purchase with you.

Increase Site Traffic by providing a shortened URL in your SMS directing customers to the specific page.

Sending a Thank You Message when someone has signed up to your mailing list can also create a strong relationship with new customers.

SMS Marketing is a low-cost solution that allows to enhance the retail experience by reaching the customers at every level. There are three immediate benefits of SMS marketing in the fashion industry: an increase in volume of business, growth in sales and customer loyalty. Get started with Klasiksms.com today!

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