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Education sector is one of the proudest industries among all. With the induction of technology in education, it has now become very important to use this technology for communication and dissemination of information.

Today, when everyone is connected through smartphones, so it seems that SMS is the best way in the education industry for improving communication. Here are several ways to leverage SMS 's if you’re involved in the education sector?

1) Homework
What’s the best way to ensure that students complete their homework? Since the homework tends to be similar for the entire class, sending Bulk SMS to the parents for the class makes sure each parent receives the notification.

2) Exam Reminders
Bulk SMS messages can be used to remind students of exam dates and exam. It’s also a great way of informing students of any last minute changes to the exam schedule

3) The Announcement of Results
Most of the institutions are subjected to have results regarding various examinations, competitions and etc. Sharing those results via SMS to the winners via SMS is another use of Bulk SMS.

4) New Student Recruitment
An SMS campaign is a leading force for a new student recruitment drive. A simple text message can be sent to prospective students and parents with reminders about open days or application deadlines.

5) Hosting Events
Events, seminars and conferences are a regular scene in schools and colleges. It is convenient to co-ordinate and update students, parents and participants on day to day updates using SMS.

6) Holiday Notifications
There might be situations to have unexpected holiday the next day. It might be due to the weather, political issues, or something local. Anyway, students can be made aware of the situation over a text as well.

7) Internal Communications
Besides students and parents, SMS marketing is also beneficial for internal communications. This is the efficient and cost effective way for the internal staffs to get into the loop for any important notifications.

So, have you admired by these methods of using SMS for the education industry?
SMS messaging is definitely one of the effective method to attract and retain students and parents across university, college and school campuses. If you’d like to know how much your students, staff and parents can benefit from a bulk SMS platform get in touch with us today!

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