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In the beginning of every year, most fitness centre will have major growth in enrolment due to the desire to get fit, stay healthy, build muscle or lose weight. However, more than 88 percent of these people will lose their incentive within a month. A single text seems to be very simple but it can be the key element that helps to generate new leads and develop the interest of people.

How Fitness Centres and Gyms Can Use SMS Marketing:

• Send Out Promotional Offers
Send out personalised bulk messages on special promotional offers. Promotions will make your members happy and make them coming back continuously. You need to make sure your “offer” is something your members find interesting.

• Send Out Class Cancellation Notices or Maintenance Updates
Last minute class cancellations or maintenance can be unpredictable and your members will appreciate if they have been informed when these situations arise. It’s easy to miss these kinds of messages via social media and emails.

• Send Encouraging Texts to Keep Members Coming Back
Members will get discouraged or busy sometimes, so send them encouraging texts like informing about an upcoming class or event and remind them about their fitness goals. SMS marketing can be used to help motivate current customers and encourage them back into the gym by sending them helpful fitness tips or motivational quotes.

• Send Plan Renewal Reminders
You can also create a custom group and send them reminders as their contract renewal date approaches so that don’t miss any of your gym’s classes and events. Some may be planning to join another gym, therefore you might be able to keep them by doing this.

• Bring a Friend Promo
Use sms marketing to encourage gym members to refer their friends for classes. Referral marketing is one of the best idea where your current members will likely find family or friends who would enjoy the gym. Consider giving away a free month of membership or a cash bonus for a number of referrals.

• Reward for Hard Work and Birthdays
Reward members who loss weight or reach their fitness goals. This would be great way to congratulate your members for their hard work and loyalty. Members will always appreciate freebies and recognition for their work. Birthday text rewards feature will make your members feel special and valued.

• Announce New Classes & Programs
Announce new classes or programs instantly by sending shortened URLs that redirect the user to landing pages with additional information. You can also consider sending marketing messages to promote classes and events that aren’t full by including a special offer. Send personalized texts to congratulate new clients, this will make them feel special and empowered. You can get people to reply back if they are unable to attend classes or text back if they want to join a new class!

Are you ready to implement sms messaging system for your gym and fitness centre? We’d love to assist you! This marketing idea will definitely facilitate the growth of your gym and fitness centre. It is crucial to keep your customers engaged and feel valued to make your business success. Sign up for free today.

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