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Customers are the most valuable assets and need to be utilized thoroughly. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) seamlessly integrates technology with sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

Bulk SMS is one of the most useful tools that enables a fast and personal communication with a worldwide customer base.

How customer relationships can be built using Bulk SMS service:

1. Reward your best clients with your special attention

Identify your most loyal clients, send them personalized messages to reward them. This will strengthen their loyalty even more. SMS service integrated with your company’s CRM system makes it easy to both customize promotions to different segments and send loyalty discounts to targeted customers.

2. Instant feedback

SMS is quick to send, read and reply. It takes just seconds for the messages to be sent via bulk SMS gateway. This makes SMS the fastest messaging tool available today, with the highest open rate of staggering 98%. This makes Bulk SMS ideal to use for instant feedback on customer experience. Two-way communication campaign will help you instantly realize if your customer service is good or bad.

3. Keep your customers updated regularly

Inform customers about your special offers, promotions or product announcements. They will also appreciate being informed about their order and delivery status. Well-timed SMS alerts sent through SMS gateway will make both a customer and you equally satisfied.

4. Build meaningful conversation

Bulk SMS campaign enables you to build high-quality interaction with your clients. Instead of just sending one-way information, you can start a two-way communication, allowing your customers to respond to you quickly. This is one of the most important elements in building long-lasting relationships with your customers.

5. Send important reminders by SMS

SMS can also be used to send information and updates throughout the customer journey. Remind customers when it’s time to bring their car in for service or to make their annual dentist appointment. Remind someone that their insurance or a subscription is about to expire.

The benefits of a bulk SMS delivery for a business can be huge. This service adds value to a company, and its interaction with customers which builds long-lasting customer relationships.

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