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How to make your SMS worth reading: SMS personalisation

Short Message Service (SMS) marketing is a valuable tool to reach target audience with minimal effort. Many companies are relying on SMS for notification, authentication and marketing purposes since majority of SMS are actually opened and read to a certain extent. However, your company is not the only one looking for the attention of the consumers. Thus, your messages need to be worth reading. And for this, SMS personalisation is the key.

SMS marketing allows advertisers to send personalized messages for recipients to react and make decision. When it comes to SMS personalisation, it all starts with a name. Merely adding the name of the receiver can make a whole a lot of difference. Creating sub-groups in your SMS list will help you write more targeted and thus more relevant messages. Customer will feel valued when they receive a customized SMS, which will subsequently lead to positive outcome. For instance, recipients will have a sense of belonging when they receive a text message with their name or a birthday wish, as well as a special discount waiting for them at a certain outlet, as a birthday offer.

Even though certain marketers may feel that texting is quite intruding, most of the consumers nowadays are familiar with text messages from the local services like dental clinics, restaurants or other public services. This is a great example of how they engage with the audience in a regular basis. Customers tend to respond to materials addressed directly to them, so marketers can target their customers with more relevant texts based on their preferences. Marketers can also personalise the text messages based on the customer’s previous buying behaviour and demographics.

In other forms of advertising, it would be costly and time consuming to execute this level of personalisation. However, with bulk SMS, it can be done without extra cost. Advertisers and marketers should understand that the future lies in SMS marketing and find the right way to implement SMS marketing into their strategies. Thus, the market for SMS marketing is merely exploding and expected to outgrow all other digital ad platforms. This absolutely guarantees to be greater for the business in boosting their performance.

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