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SMS marketing strategy is a perfect way for your car dealership business to communicate with your customers. SMS campaigns facilitate to build a strong database of subscribers and increase customer loyalty. With the power of SMS messaging, car dealerships are able to reach more potential customers that can help bring more visitors to showrooms and car lots.

SMS marketing Strategy: Don’t just sell, add value

Your SMS marketing strategy will be more effective if you are not pushy. SMS marketing for business is not all about selling. If your customers get other benefits apart from sales and promo from you, you will gain their loyalty.

SMS marketing Strategy: Target the right audience with personalized SMS

In this SMS marketing strategy, you have to ensure that your SMS messages are relevant to your customers. Sending out unique SMS to meet specific group needs will lead to higher response rate.

The specific uses of SMS Marketing Strategy in Auto dealership:

Appointment confirmations

Appointment reminders

Replying to car information requests

Maintenance tips

SMS deals and promotions

Auto-responders for car details

Notification that Car is ready for collection

Sales lead generation

MOT/ Service Reminders

Parts now available

Key Benefits of SMS for Car Dealerships:

➢ SMS automotive loyalty programs

Clients prefer receiving SMS loyalty programs as 23% of them will also refer a friend if they are satisfied. SMS referrals can be encouraged with loyalty programs.

➢ Texting is a lot faster than calling

Instead of calling hundreds of customers every week, you can schedule bulk SMS campaign. This will save your time and money.

➢ Send targeted text messages

Send personalized texts to the right audience to increase your ROI and reduce costs.

➢ Text messages are very effective

90% of people will read a text within four minutes of receiving it which is considered very effective.

➢ Customers can contact you on their terms

Phone calls can be inconvenient for busy customers. Encourage them to communicate on their terms, by SMS or by calling you back according to their convenience.

Car dealers can utilize the advantages associated with SMS marketing since people nowadays are always attached to their mobile phone. SMS marketing strategy can be used to increase customer loyalty, increase leads and generate revenue for your auto dealership business.

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