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SMS Marketing Strategies for Charities and NPO’s

SMS Marketing is a cost-effective way for non-profits to communicate with donors and volunteers.

Here are some of the most effective SMS marketing strategies which can help you reach, communicate and encourage potential audience:-

1. Keep People Updated
Let people know what you have done with their donations (average amount contributed by an individual, if you have built anything, how many people you have helped, and what you have planned for the future). Some people are reluctant to donate because they are unsure of where exactly their money is going. Thus, you can use SMS marketing to inform people the power of their donation. They will likely to contribute continuously if they realised that it is genuinely meaningful.

2. Boost Event Attendance
SMS messaging is one of the best ways to make an announcement and increase attendance by promoting events, public meetings or fundraising activities. You can send a text message a couple of weeks before and also send out a last-minute text the day before the event if the attendance seems low. Moreover, attendees will be able to RSVP easily with two-way-messaging.

3. Thank Donors
You can always thank everyone who has helped and donated because a little “thank you” could go a long way. It is essential to keep your supporters engaged and make them feel good about their donation with a follow up ‘Thank you’ text at the end of an event or every month.

4. Convenient Way to Help
One in three people would rather text than talk on the phone. Two-way messaging to your database can prompt donations from previous supporters more effectively compared to a phone call/email.

5. Cost-Effective Solution
SMS marketing is cheaper and effective compared to other marketing strategies.

6. Call for Urgent Help
It is also necessary to reach out for volunteers for urgent help in case of emergency. For instance, to call for volunteers if there is a shortage of volunteers for an event or to have additional food donated. SMS is quick and effective and makes it perfect for responding to urgent needs.

In a nutshell, the non-profit sector also can benefit hugely from SMS campaigns since it is a popular and affordable way to communicate. Donors and volunteers tend to have positive behaviour and respond more effectively when you constantly keep them updated in contact with your brand.

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