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SMS MARKETING - Key Benefits for Hair & Beauty Salons

SMS Marketing helps to improve a salon’s success by increasing its customer database and strengthening customer loyalty. Businesses that pays attention to customer feedback and adapt to customer needs are more successful.

Here are Some Key Benefits of Using Online SMS Marketing for Hair & Beauty Salons:

1. ❖ Increase revenue. Sending targeted texts about new products and special deals.

2. ❖ Encourage customer loyalty. Reward customer loyalty and encourage return visits with exclusive offers, coupons and discounts which also reduces the risk of them opting-out.

3. ❖ Cost Effective. SMS marketing campaigns are a lot cheaper than traditional advertising strategies.

4. ❖ Increase referrals. You can encourage referrals by offering discounts to regulars that send new clients your way.

5. ❖ Improve customer service. You can resolve all issues related to service options, booking confirmations, appointments and prices via SMS customer service.

6. ❖ High Open Rate. SMS has an open rate of 99%, while email has an open rate of 28% to 33%. Vast majority of your recipients will open messages right away.

7. ❖ No-Show Reduction. Significantly reduces the number of no-shows, as it functions as the ultimate appointment reminder.

8. ❖ Competitive Advantage. It allows you to compete with the larger and better known beauty salons around you without issue, as texting doesn’t require designing expensive visuals.

SMS is a highly versatile way to market your beauty salon. Use it to send your best beauty tips and tricks, ask for customer feedback, provide deals and discounts. Salon owners can take advantage of the benefits of sms marketing to grow their business and improve customer experience.

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