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Why you should use mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is a good promotional activity and digital marketing strategy that can aimed to reach a specific target audience on their mobile devices. Mobile is the future of marketing and the era of mobile has already arrived. Nowadays, people spent longer time engaged with mobile devices and based on research, more email is read on mobile compare to desktop. Walking around and you’ll find more than just a few folks with faces glued to their smartphone screens.

Digital marketing is continually evolving, and mobile marketing plays a key role in that strategy. To be honest, mobile marketing is similar to other advertising channels that delivered such as text, graphic and voice messages and it allows marketers and advertisers to reach a much wider audience. Text Messaging is an instant marketing tool that can get your message into the hands of the right audience, when marketers want it. Customers keep their mobile phones on hand , making it easy to communicate and send message to them. SMS has an open rate of 98%, and up to 90% of people who open the message will read it within three seconds. This is far higher than email marketing or other digital channels. Based on studies, replies sent from phones are 54% faster than those sent from desktops and have a median reply time of only 28 minutes.

In the nut shell, simplicity of SMS make it ideal for both businesses and customers. Getting started with Klasik SMS is super easy with the capability to connect and send messages to your customers.

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