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What is Bulk SMS and how to operate it?

Bulk SMS means sending a large volume or quantity of SMS or Short Message Service or Text Messages at a time. Bulk SMS is sent from the internet using a reliable bulk sms gateway.

What is the maximum number of recipients I can send at a time?

Maximum 100 recipients can send at a time if using quick sms to send; Unlimited recipient can send at a time if using bulk send.

Do you charge if the SMS is failed to deliver?


What if my message longer than 1 SMS?

For shortcode, 160 per characters for single sms, but system will auto add RM0 in every sms, so you only can type 156 characters for your single sms. More than 156 characters will charge 2 sms price.

Can I send sms to other countries?

Yes. Our sms service coverage up to 189 countries.

What is the minimum credits need to purchase / top up ?

Minimum top up is RM200.

How long does it takes to deliver a SMS?

Blasting bulk messages typically takes a few seconds and this depends on the quality of the routing.

Is there any expiry date for my SMS credits?

There is no expiry date on your purchased credits.