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The recruitment industry is one of the highly competitive industry and they need to allocate the right candidate in the right position within a right timeframe. Thus, SMS marketing is one of the best solutions to enable recruitment agencies to find the perfect candidate.

Here are 5 simple benefits that would inspire your next SMS Campaign:
1) Inform Job Seekers about New Openings. With online SMS solutions, you can notify potential applicants of new job openings. You can keep them posted when there is a new position available that they’re suited for.

2) Friendly Reminders. You can send reminders for scheduled interviews. SMS reminding them about the date and time of their interview can avoid interview no-shows. Besides that, you could even minimize the likelihood of a candidate getting lost by including a map to the location and give them instant interview tips.

3) Inform Job-Seekers of an Application Status. With text messaging service, you can instantly notify candidates of their application status within few minutes.

4) Improved Productivity. Instead of calling or mailing candidates one by one, you can send them personalized texts and tags using online SMS application. Texting a candidate will also reduce the unnecessary outbound and inbound calls.

5) Cost-Effective Tool. Calling every candidate will take up all of your time. Email might be faster, but it is easy for the candidates to overlook email communications. With SMS, 90% of candidates will read the message within just three minutes.

Here are some do’s and don’ts that will help you to utilize the SMS platform effectively:

1) Keep it short. Long text messages are difficult to be read on a mobile screen. Ensure your message length is in the range of 160 characters.

2) Keep it professional. Texting is a more casual way of communicating, but you should still keep it professional. Avoid using emojis and abbreviations in your SMS.

1) Spam candidates. Text when necessary, e.g. to confirm an interview or to send location map. Show that you invest some time by personalizing your messages.

2) Text after office hours. Sending recruiting text messages in the evenings or on weekends is not a good idea. It is advised to stick to regular working days and hours for all kinds of communication.

As mobile technology is keep growing, more recruiters are using it to connect with potential candidates. If you are a job recruiter that’s interested in exploring the benefits of sms marketing for your business, sign up at Klasiksms.com for free!

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