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How to win back customers with SMS?

Winning back customers and collecting their data can be costly and time consuming

Constant interaction with your brand is one of the most important technique to ensure customer retention. Keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds will make them to think of you first when it comes to making a purchase.

However, it is impossible to retain 100% of your customers. But wouldn’t it be great if you could try and win these lost customers back at a low cost? Well you can do that with SMS Marketing.

In order to win back your customers, you will need to interact with them. As text messages have a much higher open rate than email, SMS is the perfect way to rekindle with lost customers.

1. Provide customers with an amazing offer with a time limit
Send them a personalised offer, something they won’t be able to resist and set a time limit for it. Remember, sending them a normal offer won’t entice them enough as most people went elsewhere because they found it cheaper.

2 (a). Send an even better offer to those who still didn’t purchase
Send an even better offer after a week to those didn’t respond to the first offer. Sending a second message possess positive effect on customers.

2 (b). Send a second offer to those customers that have purchased
Send a second message to those customers who claimed the first offer. The second one can be a generic offer as you want people to purchase continuously from you mainly because they satisfied with your products.

4. Follow up with a survey
Find out your customers likes or dislikes. You can get people to answer a survey by offering an incentive to them. (For instance, by answering the SMS survey they will be entered into a draw to win something which is within your budget).

5. Ask them to join your SMS loyalty program
SMS loyalty program like signing up to an email newsletter, the customers will receive promotions via SMS. Moreover, you can notify customers on new products, events, special offers and make them feel like a VIP.

On the other side, it is inappropriate to make the customers feel overwhelmed by sending multiple messages in a short period of time.

These 4 simple steps might lead to an enhanced engagement with lost customers, understand customers likes and dislikes, get them to sign up to loyalty program and finally got them to purchase from you again.

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