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In today’s competitive market, event management is more than sending mass emails and handling out flyers. SMS marketing strategy considered as totally effective and efficient method for event management.

How You Can Use SMS Marketing for Event Management:

Broadcast your event schedule.
Add attachments or shortlinks in your texts to inform attendees the event’s schedule. It is the most budget-friendly option to get more engagement and assures that the client read the SMS.

Promote last-minute events.
The urgency factor in text messaging can work wonders for your event. SMS marketing helps in developing awareness of the event and ensures more seats are booked. The online booking link can be shared via the SMS and users can books the tickets almost instantly.

Event reminders and reservation confirmations.
You can also use text messaging to confirm ticket purchases or reservations. When you are organizing an event, use SMS to remind your clients the event is approaching and you are waiting to see them at the event. Clients love to feel special.

Organize staff members.
You can ensure that everything is running smoothly by sending updates or by requesting status reports from your employees.

Key Benefits of SMS Marketing for Event Management

Boost attendance.
SMS event marketing will help you maximize attendance by keeping attendees informed. All you have to do is send reminders before the big event with just one click.

Sell tickets faster.
Sending bulk texts with discounted tickets will encourage subscribers to participate. Segment your audience based on their interest and send discount texts to those who are ready to buy.

Improved teamwork.
SMS event marketing solutions can also be used to improve internal communication among the staff.

Fast & convenient.
It is advised to send an SMS blast with concise directions on the day of the event. Feel free to attach a map via shortlink for more clarity.

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