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We are now in the latter half of 2019, it is time to give you an insight on what might happen with sms marketing in 2020. Mobile industry changes are likely to occur in the new decade. Learn about the mobile messaging changes that might take place in 2020.

What can you expect in the future of SMS?

1. A2P messaging will increase again

A2P or ‘Application to Person’ communication will keep growing. More businesses are using an SMS gateway mainly because 75% of millennials prefer to communicate via SMS to send alerts, to confirm appointments, to send one time passwords, for customer loyalty programs, and more. A2P messaging becoming so popular among young adults and likely to continue for future generations as traditional methods such as emails and phone calls became outdated. Communicating via SMS gateway doesn’t require any additional downloads and available on every mobile device. SMS software allows businesses to manage large contact groups, implement automation and integrate with existing software. These great features are why A2P messaging will continue to rise in popularity.

2. The use of 2-way SMS will increase

The use of 2-way SMS will increase. This type of message allows customers to respond to SMS they receive. Using this type of tool, companies can have their customers to confirm a meeting time, answer a survey question, confirm the receipt of a message, and more.

3. There will be more SMS firewalls

Operators will set up SMS Firewalls to stop the use of illegal grey routes. A firewall is a security system that measures inbound and outbound traffic and detect anything that is not allowed. Fewer grey routes will lead to more fair prices for everyone who does choose a quality SMS service, because there is less illegal overhead to cover.

Thus, as the number of interesting things you can do with a mobile phone increases, the use of sms marketing will increase eventually. In the future, we might even see the amazing new concept of virtual reality being added to the list of things you can do on a mobile.

Why Does SMS Marketing Become More Popular Every Year?

The demand for text message services keeps increasing ever year mainly because technological advancements of mobile messaging environment. So, if you ever wonder why the text message marketing industry keeps getting busier every year, then it is because mobile phones keep getting smarter, therefore it will be able to provide more sophisticated features and experiences.

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