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How SMS Marketing Works for Retail Business?

SMS marketing does not need any advanced design or technical skills unlike many other marketing communications channels. You will only need to create an account with a bulk messaging provider, compose your message, upload the list of customers you want to receive it, and click send. Your customers will be reading about your latest promotion within minutes.

SMS marketing leverage the competence of direct mobile communication to enhance loyalty with existing customers, attract and retain new ones.

3 reasons why to use SMS marketing?

• All mobile devices are capable of receiving SMS.
• Higher redemption rate than email marketing.
• Very high open rates and response rates compared to emails, 90% of SMS are opened within 90 seconds.

SMS marketing is a great marketing tool which leads to incomparable cost effectiveness and high return-on-investment. It’s quick, personalized and suitable for all sort of businesses. If you’d like to know more about how SMS solutions can help your business, then get in touch with us.

How to use SMS in Retail?

1. Text customers with special offers – If you are having a sale, text customer to notify about the sale, when it will end, how they can take advantage of it and how much they will save.

2. Purchase and thank you notifications – Send a text message after someone has made a purchase and thanking them for their purchase to enhance the customer experience.

3. Get customers through the door – If you are planning to attract more people to your store, text them an offer/promotion that they can only obtain if they show to the cashier.

4. Let customers know about your new stock – Is your new stock in? Then text your customers and let them know about it.

5. Birthday offers – Send your customers personalized birthday offers with and expiry date.

Sample SMS marketing messages just for retailers, all in 160 characters or less.

• It’s SALE time! Shop at [***] today and u will get 50% off!!

• Good news! New stocks are in! 20% off in-store purchases this weekend only. Only while stock last!

• [***] Coupon: Show this SMS at the counter for 10% off your next purchase. Expiring on [date]

• Hi Hakim. The [***] sale is TODAY! To claim your 50% off code, show this SMS at the counter.

• Hi Chris, to say thank you for your recent purchase here is an exclusive special 15% off code just for you – CHRIS15. Exp [date]

• Happy Birthday Lim! We have a very special 30% off everything for today only!

If you think SMS can help your business, be it in the Retail sector or another, you can set up an account with us completely free!

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